The total duration of following tours is 4.5 hours. The cost for every extra hour is defined upon arrangement. In case of a tour guide service, the reservation must be made 24 hours in advance.

Tour 1st

TOUR IN KAVALA CITY:Indicative price 85 €

Kavala: Morning visit to the archeological museum, one of the oldest museums in Greece, where we see findings of ancient Neapoli and the archeological site of Amfipolis. Then, we tour in the city center and we see the most important monuments, starting from the Town Hall building, which had been the house of the Hungarian tobacco-trader Pierre Herzog, the Catholic Church of Apostle Paul and the building of the Great Clubhouse. Passing through the Municipal Tobacco Warehouse and the Tobacco Worker Square we reach Apostle Paul’s Monument in front of St. Nicolas church and from that point we begin to going up to the old city of Kavala. There, we see the remains of the walls from ancient Neapoli and the two distinctive Ottoman monuments, Imaret and Mohamed Ali’s house. We end up to the Byzantine Acropolis of Kavala having a panoramic view of the city. Coming down from Acropolis we arrive at Kamares, the old aqueduct, which still remains well preserved

Tour 2nd

KERAMOTI-FILIPPOI-LYDIA: Indicative price 110 €

Philippi – Lydia: Visit to the archeological site of Filippi, the first Christian city in Europe, where apostle Paul talked about the new religion in AD 49. Visitors can see the ancient theatre of Philippi, built in BC 356, where nowadays can host the Philippi Festival. Basilica A is the biggest basilica in the Balkans where we can see Apostle Paul’s prison. In the south side of the site is still stand a part of the ancient Via Egnatia, the most important route of the ancient world, the forum and the colonnade of ancient agora, the ancient market place and the remains of Basilica B with the well preserved Roman toilets. The visit ends in Octagon church with the remarkable mosaic floors, the graves of Hellenistic period, the paleochristian Baptistery, the episcopal church and the baths.
Then we visit St. Lydias baptistery, the first Christian in Europe who was baptized by apostle Paul in Zigaktis River. In that river we can see an outdoor baptistery where baptisms still take place.

Tour 3rd


Ikosifinissa Monastery and the cave of Alistrati: At an altitude of 700 meters in Paggeo mountain we meet the byzantine Holy Monastery of Panagia Ikosifinissa. It was built in the 5th AD century and is the most ancient monastery in Europe. During the 16th century over 180 monks used to live in the monastery. It has been destroyed many times because of barbarian attacks. What remains today is the katholikon, the abbot, the cells of the nuns and the old temple. Today is a nuns monastery and at its guesthouse is offered coffee and fasting pastries to the visitors. In less than 40 minutes we arrive at the cave of Alistrati, a traditional village of Serres prefecture. The cave is one of the biggest in Europe with very impressive stalactites and stalagmites. The path inside the cave is accessible to the visitors and the tour lasts for an hour.

Tour 4th

KERAMOTI-DRAMA CITY-AGGITIS:Indicative price 185 €
CHRISOUPOLI- DRAMA CITY-AGGITIS: Indicative price 175 € €

City of Drama, Lazaridis’ winery and Maaras or Aggitis cave: Moving towards the city of Drama we do our first stop at the Andriani village where we meet the famous winery of Kostas Lazaridis, which stands amongst vast beds of vineyards where many varieties of grapes are cultivated. In the outstanding rooms of the winery we can taste famous wines like Amethystos and Chateau Julia and admire the art pieces which decorate its walls. We, then, make a stop at the city of Drama and we visit the park of St. Barbara with its running and clear as crystal waters. The ancient name the city was Hydrama or Dyrama because of its many springs. In about 45 minutes we arrive at the well-known cave of Aggitis, or otherwise, Maara, which is crossed by Aggitis river. Although its visitable part is only 500 meters the cave is the longest river cave in the world with a total of 21 km. Maara is its Hebrew name and it means “the water that comes from the mountain”.

Tour  5th

KERAMOTI-AMFIPOLI Indicative price 175 €

Ancient Amfipoli: Built in the position of Nine Routes on the bank of Strymonas River, Amfipoli was established in 437 BC aiming at the control of the mines of Thrace. The city was passed through the Via Egnatia. On the archeological site still remains the traces of the ancient city walls as well as the impressive in size and decoration paleochristian temples of the 5th and 6th centuries. One of the most emblematic monuments of Macedonia is the well-known Lion of Amfipoli, which was sculptured by the end of 4th BC century and is made of marble at the height of about 5.37 meters.

*The operation of this tour depends on the personnel available on the archeological site.

Tour 6th


Straits of Nestos River-City of Xanthi: Forty kilometers away from the city of Kavala to the East we find Nestos River, which is the physical border between the prefectures of Kavala and Xanthi. Nestos River is one of the five longest rivers in Greece with its 130 kilometers running through the Greek territory. The most beautiful part of the river is the Straits of Nestos, also known as Thracean Tempi. From the village of Toxotes begins a well preserved stone path which leads to one of the most beautiful walks in Greece with its amazing panoramic view to the meanders of Nestos River. In about twenty minutes we arrive at the city of Xanthi. We begin from the central square with the Big Clock to the old city of Xanthi. We pass through the square of Antica and we start our sightseeing from Kougioumtzoglou manor, now hosting the Folklore Museum, then we reach the building of the Town Hall and the Fex building, all of them built by the well-known tufa from the village of Mandra. The tour ends at the city’ s cathedral of Holy Wisdom.
In case the tour takes place in Saturday we can visit Xanthi’s open market.

Tour 7th

KERAMOTI-AVDIRA-PORTO LAGOS Indicative price 135 €

Avdira – Porto Lagos: Fourteen kilometers far from the city of Xanthi there is the village of Avdira with its famous archeological museum, one of the best in Europe. Although the archeological site is not accessible, the museum itself rewards its visitors. All its findings comes from the ancient city of Avdira, which was settled at the beginning of 7th century BC. The museum is divided in two levels: at the first level there are the exhibits about the public life and at the second one we see the exhibits concerning the everyday life and the burial customs. The village of Avdira is known since the ancient times because of the famous Greek philosopher Democritus. Leaving Avdira we follow the route through the old national road to Komotini and we arrive at Vistonida lake, the fourth biggest lake in Greece and one of the biggest wetlands worldwide, covering an area of 45 thousand square kilometers. In the middle of Porto Lagos lagoon there is the picturesque chapel St. Nikolaos, a monastery dependency of Vatopedi in Mount Athos.

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